Humanity towards Emotional Liberality for People and Society
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Who We Are

Born in an ordinary farmer’s family in a small remote village called Gannerugoyyapadu in Bhadrachalam Agency area, Hariprasad earned crores of rupees in his business that made him rich beyond his dreams and Managing Director of a flourishing company called Ekalavya Oils and Minerals Company. But he never forgot his roots, remained down to earth and humble and started several service activities from his village.

Some of his notable service activities include construction of water tank and provision of tap water to residents of his native village in Gouripet Panchayat at a cost of 10 lakh rupees, provision of 5000 rupees to the poor parents in his native village for the marriage of their girls, provision of corporate health care to poor patients, helping poor students to pursue higher education like IIT, construction of 500 Indiramma houses for poor in his native village at a cost of 1.5 crore rupees in addition to the money given by the Government, construction of the biggest Goshala for cows in the service of Lord Rama in Bhadrachalam at a cost of 1 crore rupees, spending lakhs of rupees to construct and renovate temples and above all, launching Cremation Assistance Scheme in 8 Mandals of Bhadrachalam division at a cost of 4 crore rupees (the first of its kind in the country). In addition, he also was instrumental in appointing a coordinator for each Mandal and providing 1000 rupees as assistance allowance to several poor families for every death in their family.

Despite his busy schedule and ever growing commitments, he remains conscious of his social responsibilities and offers prayers to all the deities to seek their blessings for helping the needy and poor. It is this selfless attitude and commitment to serve the poor that has made them look upon him as a true 'Friend, Guide & God".

Being far-sighted, he looks ahead to spread the wings of his services through his voluntary organization ‘HELP’ to the entire district of Khammam. Truly, a man of rare caliber, Dontu Hari Prasad is a true Karmayogi who has spent his life and riches in the service of mankind; a fact acknowledged by the people who call him "Abinava Karna", after the great hero of Mahabharata, Karna.