Humanity towards Emotional Liberality for People and Society
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It was the year 1980 and the event was flood havoc caused by a rampaging River Godavari. The unprecedented fury of the mighty River Godavari led to innumerable deaths including that of a woman whose body was thrown into River Godavari due to the fact that her family members could not afford to meet her cremation expenses. It was this sorrowful incident that brought about a sudden change of heart in a young man, Dontu Hariprasad and made him introspect on the real meaning and value of life.

The incident moved the then young Dontu Hari Prasad so much that even after nearly three decades, the sorrowful incident haunts him to leave an indelible scar in his mind. He never forgot this incident and vowed to help the poor and needy in times of distress. Today, this determined young man, Dontu Hariprasad, has exactly done that, helping many a needy person and giving them a new lease of life. His large-heartedness and humane approach towards needy people’s problems has made him a shining light in the hearts of the tribal people in the agency area of Bhadrachalam, in Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh. In pursuance of his goals, he started a voluntary organization called HELP to help uplift the conditions of the poor and the needy.           » Read more
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